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- It’s the Art(ists) That Counts -

It is our pleasure to introduce you to two of our network art competition winners, second grade student, Francheilys Castillo and seventh grade student Brooke Sheppard.

Brooke and Francheilys’ geometric drawings were selected as part of our network art competition. Students were challenged to create a piece of art with the theme “what I love to learn.”

Francheilys loves learning how to create art, but she also loves learning other things through art. In addition to being a talented artist and dedicated students, Brooke is also an award-winning track star. She and her two older sisters were named the 2016 Sports Kids of the Year by Sports Illustrated Kids.

Donors who make a contribution of $100 or more before the end of the year will receive a set of 10 cards featuring the artwork of our five student artists.

Student Artists
Meet all of our talented student artists!

Ivori Thomas, CPCS Lower School

My inspiration is my love for music, art, reading, math, and science.

Samya John, CPCS Lower School

The inspiration for my painting is color. What inspired me to create this painting was art. This painting symbolizes my love for art.

Gelsey Tejada, B2 Middle School

Gelsey is a thoughtful, focused artist. She paints from imagination and her work is always evocative.

Internship with Impact

As part of the Legacy Network Legacy Leaders Summer Internship Program, Caleb Massimi, a freshman at University at Buffalo, worked in the office of City Council Member, Antonio Reynoso.

Why did you want to participate in the internship program?

Participating in the Summer Internship Program was an opportunity that I could not refuse. I was not familiar with how the office workplace was run prior to my involvement in this program, and I knew that this experience would teach me the importance of professionalism.

What were your primary responsibilities?

My main responsibility was to assist the office members whenever possible. I would do so by distributing information about recent policy, directly meeting with constituents to help alleviate their troubles, and ensure that any issues or problems were promptly dealt with.

What was your favorite thing about your internship?

I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere that I was working at the office. All my coworkers were very respectful and inspiring to see them so passionate about serving their community

What skills did you gain or strengthen during your internship?

The internship helped me further develop my problem-solving skills; many times I was faced with an issue that I needed to solve independently. This taught me the importance of critical thinking and thinking outside of the box. Additionally, I improved my communication skills. I learned how to effectively convey my message clearly and concisely. This is a skill that will last me a lifetime.

What advice would you give to a future intern?

It is important for future interns to know that they should do their best and work wholeheartedly, no matter the office or job. Even if this internship does not directly correspond with their career choices, the skills and experience gained from this opportunity are a major stepping stone for future success.

About Our Internship Program

The Beginning with Children Legacy Network, our high school and college success program, seeks to bridge the opportunity gap that students from under-resourced communities often face by offering additional services to support their transition as they become successful in high school, college and as young professionals.

The Legacy Leaders Summer Internship Program (LLSIP) is part of the Legacy Network’s career exploration component. Students are able to participate in a four-month long internship program that provides both professional coaching and a six-week paid internship to help each student explore their professional goals and interests.

If you are interested in hosting an intern or applying to LLSIP,
email Deborah Hall at

Get to Know Us!

Diana Lopez, Director of Operations
Community Partnership Lower School

How long have you been with Beginning with Children/CPCS?

I’m I have been in CPCS since August 2019.

What made you decide to join the team at CPCS?

After meeting the CPCS staff, I knew I wanted to join the team. Their passion for student success mirrors my own.

What is your favorite thing about working at CPCS?

I love the sense of community. Everyone at CPCS works together to ensure our students are getting the highest quality education possible. Everyone CPCS is always willing to do any task no matter how big or small. Senior staff members take on extra tasks to ensure newer staff members have a smooth transition into the community.

Anything else you would like to share?

My brothers both attended the first Beginning with Children (BwCCS) school. Their connection and success at Beginning with Children drew me to the organization. My brothers loved their time at BwCCS. They were exposed to educators that cared about their success and also set the foundation to their desire for education. After graduating middle school, my brothers attended Brooklyn Tech, and one of them attended MIT with a full scholarship. I know their success would not have been possible without their high quality education at BwCCS.

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