CPCS Elementary

At CPCS we believe in a well-rounded education, an opportunity for our students to develop their special talents. That’s why we offer our students an extensive enrichment component to their curriculum.

Artwork reflecting the rich visual arts program is displayed throughout the school – elaborate paper sculptures, student self-portraits, intricate font embroideries and more can be seen in an ever-changing student gallery throughout the halls.

Student artists are encouraged to explore and experiment with a wide variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, collage, clay, and printmaking. Famous artists, world cultures, science, social studies, math and language arts are often the influence for project themes.

The whole school looks forward to Creativity Day and Art Show, the culminating visual arts event at the end of the school year. Students are proud to share one of their best creations of the year while enjoying a day of free art activities such as tie-dye, mural painting, and monster building.

Singing voices, drum beats, and guitar strumming echo through the halls, reminding us of the engaging performance focused music curriculum here at CPCS.

Students learn to use their voices, instruments, and bodies to express and discover their relationship to music. Students are introduced to the instrument families and a wide variety of musical genres such as pop, classical, and jazz and rock, both new and old.

Their talents are celebrated in two of our beloved school wide events the Winter Sing and Spring Sing. Classes shine on stage while enjoying the proud faces of friends and families out in the audience of our jam-packed auditorium.

Sneakers are tied tight and ready for action on P.E. days, when students spend time improving fine and gross motor skills.

Students learn spatial awareness, cooperative games, sportsmanship, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. They will learn how to be a good member of the community with a partner and with a team and learn how to win and lose with heart.

All of their athleticism and sportsmanship has a time to shine at our end of the year event Spirit Day, when students and teachers intermingle with the other grades to form teams and enjoy a day of relay races, tug-o-war, and team cheers.

Learning at Community Partnership expands beyond the walls of the classroom. All grades explore the city through field labs to a variety of New York City institutions. Our list of field labs is endlessly growing.

Our students have visited Battery Urban Farm, Urban Glass, Museum of Modern Art, NY Philharmonic, Queens County Farm, Brooklyn Museum, and the NY Transit Museum, to name a few.

Afterschool Program

Our free Afterschool Program runs Monday through Thursday 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm for Kindergarten through 4th Grade. Each day of after school includes an enrichment activity, homework time, and free snack. Enrichment activities are taught by our specialist teachers, community partners, and classroom teachers.

Activities include:

  • Chess (with Chess in the Schools)
  • Kinder Creative Play and Social Groups
  • Robotics (with Robofun)
  • Music
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Martial Arts
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Drama