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School Year 2021-2022
Grades PreK-8

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Application Information

  • You may submit an application to more than one Beginning with Children school using the application link above.
  • Our waitlist priorities include siblings, in-district residents, English Language Learners (ELL), and children of Community Partnership Charter School staff members.
  • We accept all students regardless of prior academic achievement.
  • Separate applications must be filled out for each sibling.
  • Applications and waitlists do not “roll over” from year to year; be sure to re-apply even if you’re currently on a Beginning with Children waitlist.

Community Partnership Charter School by Beginning with Children provides a nurturing community that fosters a love of learning and the development of character for students in grades PreK-8. Our supportive school community — where families and students are cherished — fosters students’ social skills, self-reliance, intellectual confidence, and enthusiasm.

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We welcome and educate students of all abilities, backgrounds, and learning needs. Once enrolled, your child can continue to attend a Community Partnership Charter School through grade 8.

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